Motion Graphics

Lawson Lundell Elevator Spot

Here is another freelance animation that was done for Lawson Lundell to promote their law firm. Working in a team of two, I was responsible for many aspects of animation including secondary animation and polish. The elevator ad has received a high volume of views in several towers in Canada and is also featured on the company’s website.

Let’s Make Magic!

This is a personal project that I did one weekend to show off some motion graphics techniques. Making magic is also sort of a mission statement for myself I guess you could say.

MintEye Webmercial

MintEye makes advertising interactive using their new ‘slide to fit’ technology. This is the webmercial that I designed and built with a partner to introduce this product. All aspects were created by us including the music but excluding the narration.

SCCI Animated Logos

Here are two versions of an animated logo that was done for the Southeastern Computer Consultants Inc. portfolio website.

Privy text Webmercial

PrivyText is a brand new mobile finance application for your smart phone. The following is a motion graphics webmercial that was created to explain this client’s service.

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