1… 2… 3D!

Autodesk has recently put out a new series of free software for us to play with! The series consists of 4 programs, 123D, 123D Catch, 123D Sculpt, and 123D Make. 123D seems to host an array of features including basic modeling tools and the ability to make 2D representations of 3D models for the use in blueprints or prints that use laser sheets. 123D Catch allows users to use any camera to take pictures of an object, and stitch them together to create a textured model of that object on your computer (or iPad). 123D Sculpt is an iPad app that does pretty much what it says- sculpts and paints textures onto objects that you can manipulate like clay. 123D Make is a program designed specifically to turn your digital models into physicals models. To do this, it converts your 3D mesh into 2D representations that can then be printed on a material (such as cardboard) and stacked to build a real-life version of your model.

In the next couple of posts I am going to be experimenting with 123D Catch to see if I can come up with a workflow for scanning a dental model of my own teeth, and using the generated mesh in the male figure study that I am working on. So let’s get started! Here is a picture of my top row of teeth-

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