Torso Retopology

I am taking a break from my sculpt to retopologize the torso of this figure. As I have mentioned the place where I work only has a license to use 3DS Max 2010, so I will be taking advantage of Max’s freeform tools to do the retopology for this model. This is my first time using these tools for retopology and I have to say I am quite pleased with how smoothly it all works! Draw-on-model features such as the ‘Strips’ tool allow you to generate topology quickly, and the ability to switch between the standard modeling tools and the freeform snapping feature makes creating complex topology as intuitive as modeling from scratch. If you are interested in reading more about Max’s freeform modeling tools, there is a pretty decent tutorial here¬†or you can read about it more in Autodesk’s documentation for 3DS Max. At any rate here is the retopologized torso-

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