Lawson Lundell Elevator Spot

Here is another freelance animation that was done for Lawson Lundell to promote their law firm. Working in a team of two, I was responsible for many aspects of animation including secondary animation and polish. The elevator ad has received a high volume of views in several towers in Canada and is also featured on the company’s website.

Bored Walk

I have recently been interested in getting into hand drawn animation (using the tablet of course). Here is my first walk cycle that I did today during my down time. Very rough but I had fun making it!

Here are some doodles I did for this character that I might use to practice some more simple animation stuff.

Dirty Uncle Sam

Hey everybody, I wanted to take a second to show you a Team Fortress 2 model that I am working on for the Steam Work shop. I call it the ‘Dirty Uncle’ hat in lieu of the upcoming election.

Here is the Concept for the hat.

and here is the WIP model / textures.


There are obviously some issues with the pivot point on the hat >.<. Stay tuned for the finished model!


Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in my posts. I have a bunch of things that I am trying to finish right now so there might be a flurry of posts over the next few days to replace the silence, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here is a sketch I did of the actor Bryan Cranston who plays Walter White in Breaking Bad. Enjoy!

Teeth scan first attempt

I took the model of my upper teeth and used dental floss (irony) to suspend it from a lamp in my apartment. My thought being that with the model suspended in mid air I would be able to take pictures from every angle more easily. Photo of the setup below-

Here is a screen grab from the scan in 123D Catch-

I must say that I was quite disappointed with how this turned out, it basically interpreted the model as a curved plane, when I really wanted to get a scan of the volume of each tooth. Despite this setback I decided to see if I could trouble shoot the problem.

These were my thoughts:

First, I thought that not having the model on a ground plane was making it difficult for the software to find enough points of reference  for the depth of the scene. Secondly I had the idea to place small colored markers on each tooth to help the computer have more points to track. I will try and set this up again and see if we can get some better results.


Hello everyone, I am Jacob Hilton and welcome to my new art blog! I plan on using this blog to show my works in progress and also the processes that I use in producing my artwork. I will most likely post several things in rapid succession up front to bring viewers up to speed on some projects that I have going on, so stay tuned and please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions. Happy art-ing!