About Jacob

Hello, I am a creative individual focused on bringing a sense of story to my 3D artwork. Most recently, I have been using my 3D skills in conjunction with After Effects to create motion graphics commercials for the web.

Torso Retopology

I am taking a break from my sculpt to retopologize the torso of this figure. As I have mentioned the place where I work only has a license to use 3DS Max 2010, so I will be taking advantage of Max’s freeform tools to do the retopology for this model. This is my first time using these tools for retopology and I have to say I am quite pleased with how smoothly it all works! Draw-on-model features such as the ‘Strips’ tool allow you to generate topology quickly, and the ability to switch between the standard modeling tools and the freeform snapping feature makes creating complex topology as intuitive as modeling from scratch. If you are interested in reading more about Max’s freeform modeling tools, there is a pretty decent tutorial here or you can read about it more in Autodesk’s documentation for 3DS Max. At any rate here is the retopologized torso-

Male Anatomy Sculpt

Taking the .obj of the retopologized head, I extruded out the rest of the figure’s body in Sculptris. I spent some time tweaking proportions and trying to understand the muscle structure of the male anatomy better. I used an interactive model located at zygotebody.com for reference. That being said, here is the progress on the male figure. I focused primarily on the upper body at the time that this image was taken-

I topologize sincerely… and retopologize.

I want to start this post by doing a plug for an awesome internet widget called P3D. P3D allows you to upload textures, and models in .obj format to a 3D engine in your browser. You need to have a recent version of Opera, Firefox, or Chrome to view the models, but I think it is an excellent way to show off your models by allowing the user to move about them freely! If you do not have a browser that supports this website then I highly suggest you download a copy, as I will most likely be using this to show off my stuff in the future. That being said, here is the progress I have made on the male  head retopology-

If you have a compatible browser and the interactive model above is still not loading then please refresh

Let’s make a head!

So in my down time at work I decided to do a study of a generic male head and use it as an opportunity to see if I could create a pipeline for using a sculpting program at work. Keep in mind that at work we have a license for 3D Studio Max 2009 and no other 3D applications. After doing some research I decided to use Sculptris, which is a completely free and completely amazing sculpting software that Pixologic now owns. If you have not gotten a chance, you can check out Sculptris HERE.

Okay so here is the generic head sculpt that I created,

I thoroughly enjoy this program now and love how easy it is for the program to adapt the resolution of the mesh depending on the details that you are putting into it. I started this head from a sphere and found it much easier to create manageable geometry in Sculptris as opposed to Zbrush. If anyone is interested, perhaps I will give a more thorough review of this program in the future.


Hello everyone, I am Jacob Hilton and welcome to my new art blog! I plan on using this blog to show my works in progress and also the processes that I use in producing my artwork. I will most likely post several things in rapid succession up front to bring viewers up to speed on some projects that I have going on, so stay tuned and please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions. Happy art-ing!